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Here are the main ways EXP Commercial of California, Inc can help: Finding and Screening Potential Buyers. Our primary goal is to help the seller find qualified, interested buyers for the business. We will market your business for sale on online and offline channels, screen buyers for financial eligibility and fit, and help you evaluate offers. Confidential Marketing. In a business sale, confidentiality is critical. If employees, vendors, or customers get wind that a business is up for sale, it can damage morale and ultimately hurt the value of the business. We will ask buyers to sign confidentiality agreements before revealing your business’ identity.
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We will place your listing on Facebook, 100 Facebook Groups, 2 Linkedin accounts, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Craigslist, Email blast, stories on Facebook and Instagram, Bizben, Bizbuysell, Bizquest, Loopnet, Craigslist. We will do a email blast of over 6000 people in my database. Your ad will be included on over 150 partner websites across the US. Our team of professionals throughout the state of California will guide you from start to finish
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